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Everyone loves coffee. What is better than a steaming cup of freshly brewed joe?  Why not have it at a FABULOUS neighborhood hot spot. In our hood, that place is none other than the Lazy Daisy Café. This family friendly space always managed to maintain a super cool vibe, while offering brunch on weekends, and Saturday night bevvies. Exposed brick walls, and original plank flooring are just a few of the existing characteristics that Dawn Hurley Chapman (owner and proprietor) decided to maintain in the café.

BUT the walls were white…white everywhere! So, with some persuasion from me (actually a lot of persuasion) Dawn decided to make a leap of faith. SHE PAINTED!!!
The biggest fear was that the coffee shop would feel dark.


I have included before and after images but remember – pictures never do a space justice! So, I recommend you take a minute and pop by for a latte. Thank you Dawn for the opportunity to help… I LOVE the new space.


UPDATE: Lazy Daisy Café is still thriving even with some small adaptations made to the space during COVID…. We all look forward to being able to sit back in this neighborhood hub with a steaming latte.       Until then, please support this local business- if you can, through take-out orders and special deliveries….