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Spring Into Something New

Spring Into Something New

This is possibly the hardest time of year right now: days are getting longer, and there is a subtle feeling of spring being around the corner, but it is still winter. Strapped financially from all our holiday spending, the idea of dishing money out for new decor may be the last thing on your mind. But- THIS is the time to gear up, to give energy to your surroundings. Here are some great ideas for some pick me ups to your home that will cost little to nothing but completely transform the way it looks.

move it baby

That’s right!! Look at some of the staples that you have in your home and try moving them someplace new. Small chair in your bedroom? Consider what it would it look like in your living space. Small cabinet tucked in a corner? Showcase it in a different spot to serve a different purpose.

One of my favorite tricks is to switch out pieces of art and photos. A mantle can take on a totally different feel, a dining room wall, or a small niche in your hallway. I love switching out curtains. A pattern or color feels different in a new setting.
Remember, this solution is not permanent! It is fun and the change can be as elaborate or minimal as your imagination!!

small but mighty

Let’s say you only have $100. There are loads of things you can do to create a different vibe and visual impact even on a low budget.

• Pull a color from your living room rug that you haven’t showcased before and highlight the space with a pair of new curtains.
• Replace throw cushion covers from stores like IKEA, local decor shops, or Fabricland.
• New drawer pulls. Have a credenza that is feeling tired in your dining room? Try switching out the hardware. It can create a whole new feel and transform it into a new piece.
• PAINT IT OUT!!! For under $50 a can of paint can make a hallway sing, a tired old cabinet stunning, or create a new visual perspective!!

BE CREATIVE- just because we are stuck in our homes right now doesn’t mean we can’t try something new.