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interior design project

Country Chic

interior design project

This home boasted a large existing addition on the main floor. Used primarily as a family room, the homeowners felt that it could be better used as a spacious kitchen. With careful planning, we were able to consolidate ideas- the result was a bit of an intricate renovation expanding the basement, in turn altering the main floor layout into a higher functioning space.  

This fabulous transformation took into consideration the clients’ need for a high-performance kitchen. Founder of the Lazy Daisy Café, this kitchen moonlights many evenings of food prep and testing of recipes. Incorporating industrial appliances, this sunny space manages to keep a warm and inviting feel through use of warmer finishes and small custom details. The overall home mirrors a strong country chic esthetic reminiscent of the café. 

Paneling was added throughout the main floor reflecting a connection to their English heritage – wanting to create a nostalgic feel reminiscent to an older English home.